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With over 20 years of collective experience in the automotive industry. we have selectively chosen the best dealerships in Vencouver BC to help individuals with bad credit car loans, no credit car loans and as well good credit car loans.

"I highly recommend their services. With no time to get away from work, they found the vehicle and put the financing in place for me and my family."
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About Vehicle Auto Finance Vancouver

With over 20 years of collective experience in the automotive industry. we have selectively chosen the best dealerships in Vencouver BC to help individuals with bad credit car loans, no credit car loans and as well good credit car loans.

With Vehicle Finance Vancouver, we make it easy and affordable for anyone to get a new or used car regardless of credit history.

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Vehicle Auto Finance Vancouver

100% Approval Rate

We are specialist of Car Loan experts in Vancouver BC from last 20 years. With Vehicle Auto Finance you have more choices! You can choose from the type of vehicle you want to  the payments you would like to have. You could even get approved for no money down and even 0% interest. Keep in mind that you don’t want to shop around too much. Too many credit pulls can harm your credit! 

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Advantages of Vehicle Finance in Vancouver​

Monthly Installment

Once your auto loan application has approved then you will get the auto loan amount for your dream car. For the repayment, lenders allow paying in monthly installments. According to your budget and the monthly installments decided you can pay the auto loan with ease.

Car Ownership

In the end, when you have successfully paid all the monthly installments and completed the loan term as planned then you get the full ownership on your vehicle. It is quite better than leasing the vehicle.

No Down Payment

There are some lenders that allow you to get your dream car even without no down payment.

Good Credit Score

As you have got a good auto loan with suitable interest rates then you don't be going to bothered in paying the monthly installments. It will directly enhance your credit score due to a good payment history. Nowadays, there are some other good options that are also available for an auto loan even if you have no good credit score.

Bad Credit Car Loans Vancouver

Your credit score highly affects your loan payment capabilities. It gives a brief idea to the lender about your loan payment responsibilities. When your car financing application has approved then you will get the auto loan amount for your dream car. For the repayment, lenders allow paying in monthly installments. We can help you to get bad credit car loans or used car financing in vancouver. According to your budget and the decided monthly installments, you can pay the auto loan payment installments with ease.

Initially, we will be going to discuss some very basic terminologies that will clear all your doubts. First, we will go through briefly discussing the car financing and bad credit in very simple words. We have also discussed the three types of lenders that exist for car financing. Moving forward we will.go through some must follow the top 5 tips that will help you a lot in car financing with bad credit history.


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Car Loans in Vancouver

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Car Financing with Bad Credit Score in Vancouver

Car Financing with Bad Credit Score in Vancouver​

What is Car Financing?

When a buyer wants to buy a new car but due to insufficient personal funds, the buyer goes to a loan lender for car financing. Therefore, car financing allows the borrower to buy the vehicle like a car and pay the loan amount later by participating in monthly installments. As per market practice, some car models and car brands are eligible for 100% financing such that the lender will lend the complete cost of the car in terms of the loan amount.

There are certain factors that will define the probability that the borrower will get the car loan or not like the customer’s income, credit score and credit history. Once your auto loan application has been approved then you don’t need to drain your savings. Your regular cash flow for essential needs is not be going to disturb.

What is Bad Credit?

In very simple words, if a person fails to pay the bills on time then it will reflect a negative impact on the credit history of a person causing a low credit score. If failing of payment on time continues for several time periods then accounts as bad credit history or you can say bad credit. Based on customer’s bad credit history, lenders assumes that the person will also fail to pay the loan installments in the future. A person with bad credit becomes riskier than other borrowers for lenders.

Some lenders allow for car financing for a person with bad credit history but at high-interest rates than the threshold. The resultant, person with a low credit score or bad credit score finds difficulties in getting a car financing loan approved. Even, if they get approved but also with much higher interest rates.

Tips for Car Financing with Bad Credit Score in Vancouver

We are experts of vehicle financing in vancouver, CONTACT US TODAY! Below, we have briefly discussed the top 5 tips for car financing with a bad credit score or bad credit history or low credit history. We are not going to discuss any rocket science or any unusual and do any irrelevant discussions. You just have to follow these below tips and apply them to improve your credit score. Resultant, soon you will be eligible for car financing loan with a low or adequate interest rate.

1. Neglect the Extra

The extra features in a car also add-up in the cost of the car. It works as a directly proportional nature. Resultant, you may find difficulties in getting car financing loan approved in lower interest rates. As we know that the bad credit score will lead to higher interest rates on loan and you will not even be getting approved for a high loan amount. Due to the higher interest rate, you will have to face high loan payments every month. We recommend that if the extra features in the car are not useful for you then neglecting them is a smart decision.

2. High Down Payment is the Best

It is one of the best tips here that will be going to give you the best results. It is always recommended to save for some time to have good funds and making a high down payment. The reason is that it will not only offset the interest, taxes, and fees but also widen the range of vehicles you can select and purchase. The bad credit history will affect the car loan amount and also lead to a higher interest rate. It will not only decline your car expectations and also keep you worried about big payments monthly. That’s why high or big down payments are always the best.

3. Boost the Credit Score

In order to boost your credit score history, you have to begin by highlighting the items that are declining your credit score. If there are any disputing credit score errors or past due accounts then you should clean them on priority. You can also improve the credit score by adding beneficial information. Bad credit causing factors like bankruptcy, late rent payments, debt collections, tax liens lead to sticking the red flag from the auto lender. Therefore, you can improve the credit score history by paying your debts.

4. Average Interest Rates

You have to analyze the current average interest loan rates. It will give you the best idea about the average and what will get. It is better to skip the loan rate more than double the average. Both of your monthly payments and the price of the car you are planning to buy will directly affect your loan rate. Guys with a good credit score will get you below or at the average loan rate.

5. Know What You Can Accept

You have to check how much money left when you pay your monthly bills. The remaining amount will give you an idea about what you can afford easily. Re-verify your budget then you will have a complete idea of what amount is best for you

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